Our Team


Fiona Ayerst

Photojournalist & Underwater photographer

With over fifteen years collective experience in photography and wildlife interaction, Fiona Ayerst is a multi-award winning photographer and environmental journalist whose renowned work offers a unique glimpse into the history and wildlife of the world’s oceans. As co-founder of Africa Media, Fiona’s goal is to shed light on the current plight of our oceans and to highlight the damage we are doing through our habits of over-use and over-spend. Many people never get to see what Fiona does when she shoots under the waves and so we have tried to give you a glimpse of the beauty and wonder that is Fiona’s favourite haven.

Ryan 2

Ryan Johnson

Marine scientist and wildlife filmmaker

In 1998 Ryan Johnson moved to Southern Africa, where he began his work with the ocean’s greatest predator—the great white shark. The experience changed his life forever and opened his eyes to the truth about the worlds charismatic yet vulnerable predators. Whilst working as a host and scientist for the worlds most established natural history producers and broadcasters, Ryan saw the power of media as an educational a tool. This insight drove Ryan’s second passion, telling powerful stories and confronting environmental issues though visual media. As Co-founder of Africa Media, Ryan aims to use the power of visual media to conserve Africa’s unique and vulnerable wildlife, both above and below the waves.

Jackie Griffin

Nature lover and recruiter

Jackie is a true daughter of Africa, and has spent her lifetime living close to nature and enjoying the wonders of wild Africa. From  her rustic country office, Jackie markets and recruits students and interns joining the Africa Media team on one of our training programs.  As a specialist in corporate recruitment, Jackie offers essential administrative and corporate skills to our team of creatives. 

Annie Post

Production manager / field specialist

Annie joined Africa Media in 2016 as an aspiring wildlife filmmaker, and spent 6 months assisting in running our wildlife filmmaking internship. She has since joined the team full time as a production manager and camera operator for our in-house documentary projects.