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Internship Booking Form

Thank you for your interest to join us here at Africa Media.  Here is a quick checklist that may be useful before filling out the booking form.

Research & Chat?

Make certain that you have chosen the perfect program to fulfill you ambitions. To ensure this, talk to us ( and fully research all the information we offer on each program.


Have you budgeted for the expedition, including flights?  Once your booking is confirmed you will be asked to pay a non-refundable deposit of 750USD within 14 days to confirm your placement

Time allocation

When filling out your program selection, please remember, each program is one month in duration. If you would like to attend multiple programs, you will still need to attend each one for a minimum of one month.

Terms & Conditions

Ensure you have read and understand the terms and conditions before joining one or more of our programs – READ TERMS and CONDITIONS