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Internships and Courses

Africa Media offers aspiring wildlife and environmental media professionals the opportunity to join our internship and training programs. The programs run annually (1 month duration) between May and October. The programs offer the chance for wildlife and environmental media students and enthusiasts to explore wild Africa, receive real world industry training and build a professional portfolio in their chosen field. 

Wildlife Film making


Produce and film your own wildlife documentary under the guidance of Africa Media. Filmed in the heart of one of Africa’s most renowned wildlife game reserves.

Underwater Photography


Explore Africa’s fascinating marine world and master the art of dSLR underwater photography in the tropical paradises of Mozambique and Durban

Wildlife & Travel Photography


Explore wild Africa on a tutored photographic safari with the team from Africa Media. Build a professional photographic portfolio of your adventure. 

Environmental & Travel Journalism

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Learn how to research and produce written content, and receive guidance in establishing a successful career in environmental journalism & travel writing.