Africa Media’s core interest is the research, production and delivery of high quality wildlife and environmental media for a variety of broadcastors, corporations, organisations and wildlife experts. Clients that frequently utilize our expertise include

  • Broadcast media
  • Eco tourism companies
  • Wildlife & nature resorts
  • Adventure sport organisers
  • Wildlife and nature magazines
  • Environmental & conservation NGO’s
  • Research organisations
  • Adventurers/conservationists/zoologists

Africa Media offers customised content packages tailored to the needs and budget of our clients. We deliver original video, photographic and written copy as per client requirements.

If you are interested in Africa Media either producing or assisting in the production of your media project, then connect with us now. Our initial goal is to evaluate your production needs through a personal consultative process with our media and marketing specialists. Through our complementary assessment process we can ensure that the objectives of your media project will be achieved and determine how best Africa Media can make a beneficial contribution to your project.