Recruiter contract

Welcome, and thankyou for your interest in joining our Alumni recruiter program! On this page you can download our contract that needs to be excuted prior to joining the program. In addition, you can find a number of FAQ’s about this program below. It will help you understand more about what is expected from you, what rewards and support you will get, and all those little things that are involved in a project like this. 

Where do I market and sell?

This is really up to you. But, our programs are primary geared towards undergraduate and postgraduate students. Thus marketing in areas where this market is located will be the most successful. Think of biology or media departments, think of clubs and groupings, areas where adventure, wildlife and media students congregate! 

How do I ensure that students chat to me?

It is a problem if students come and direct their questions directly to Africa Media. As such we have kept our materials supplied to you clear of our own contact details. We suggest that you fill in your personal details where possible to ensure that communication is with you

How much will I get paid?

We offer USD200 per student that you recruit. This can be paid out to you via a Paypal account

What resources will I get?

Africa Media has built a number of resources for you that you can download from this section of the site. This includes powerpoint templates, posters, photographs, videos and much more. We have tried our most to ensure that materials are free of our contact details, thus ensuring that students who you are contacting will stay communicating with you. Please feel free to augment these resources with your own personal resources collected during your time with us! Go crazy!

What is the whole recruitment process?

Step 1. MARKET

Get the word about our programs to your networks, departments and community. Use the resources we supply and your media content to generate interest in the programs of Africa Media. Another great idea is to give talks at schools or colleges.


Students will then begin contacting and talking to you about these programs. Tell them the truth, answer their questions, and provide authentic information about your personal experience with Africa Media.


When students are ready to book, direct them to the Africa Media website to submit a booking form and if you are with them, help them to do this. Remind them just to identify you as the ALUMNI RECRUITER on the booking form. This step is vital.


After booking the student may still need guidance and assistance. Keep in contact, aid with how to best pay the deposit, and help answer the numerous questions a student will have before jetting off to South Africa.


Quickly send us a note about any new bookings you have facilitated. Alerting us will allow us to cross-reference with our records and ensures that we keep on the same page about your recruitment success. We will respond quickly to iron out any issues.

a note on your marketing efforts vs our own

It is VITAL that the student came to you via your OWN MARKETING EFFORTS and not through any of ours. We spend a substantial budget on marketing already and cannot also pay you,  if a recruit found us through our own marketing efforts, as we are sure you can appreciate. On occasions, we may ask you to help us give information to someone who is asking us already but wants to chat to someone independent. This person would not qualify as one of your recruits, unfortunately. We’d be appreciative though if you can give them information about the program anyway.


When does it count as a booking?

Your job finishes only when a student has paid their non-refundable deposit to Africa Media. So it is vital that you stay in contact with the students even after booking to ensure that they follow through and make payment of the deposit. 

How do you know I 'recruited' a student?

For a student to apply, they are required to submit an application form. On this form, they are asked if they were initially found and then referred by one of our alumni, and if so, then who. If they fill in this and identify you, then you will receive credit. If this step is missed, then you are welcome to contact us with a students name who you believe that you recruited. We will investigate immediately and if the student agrees they were referred to a program by you, then we will credit you accordingly.

It is vital that the intern must have been recruited through your OWN efforts at marketing and then mentored by you.  We have a substantial monthly marketing budget and so if a person is recruited through our marketing drives then, you will appreciate, they cannot be counted as one of your recruits.   Here’s an example for clarity:  you have a stand at the fair, give a talk at a college or club or market on your blog or facebook and, then a person contacts you directly and you assist them to apply,  then this person will have been recruited by you and you’ll be credited. On the other hand, if we receive interest,  through our own marketing efforts, of someone who wants more information and, we ask you to provide this to mentor them as a favour to us, then this clearly cannot be counted as one of your recruits.