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Zanzibar November 2017

Join me in Zanzibar November 2017. It’s a romantic spice island filled with blue water, white coconut fringed beaches and sun. I will be teaching underwater photography and we will generally be chilling and having a lot of good food and fun.

what’s it all about?

I will teach basic introductory topics. I offer advanced skills for those who want. If you want to learn Adobe Lightroom then – I love that program and will show you everything you need to become a pro at it. I will also teach some basic Photoshop skills that are a must for every underwater enthusiast. You will learn how to take your images from ‘zero to hero’. I like to teach you how to sort out your workflow. This way you spend more time in the water and less time at your computer. I have cameras for hire if you need them

what if I am not interested in photography?

There are white beaches with silky sand and great food for those who just want to come and chill out. Diving is on offer even if you don’t want to take photos. Underwater photographers are always looking for willing models! Zanzibar is one of the more romantic of the Indian Oceans Islands. Be sure to bring your loved ones.

where will we stay?

I have chosen the Red Monkey Lodge as our base for the expedition. Below is an album.Take a look at it you will see why I am excited. This lodge is small and intimate. There are only 12 rooms and this is 100% perfect for my course and the skills I have chosen to teach you. I don’t know about you but I am super keen to do their Swahili cookery class. That sounds like fun to me. If you are interested mail me and let’s chat. 

what will it cost?

If you mail me or Mark from the lodge we will send you the information and options. or