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Canadian Wildlife Filmmaking Company seeks Talent

Canadian Production Company, River Road Films, seeks Producers, an AP, Researchers, a PM and an Exec Producer.

Experienced Canadian (or dual Canadian/British, American/British) talent needed: two Researchers, one Assistant Producer, two Producers, one Executive Producer and one Production Manager.

Wildlife Film-making Opportunity

Award Winning Vancouver-based Canadian production company, specialising in wildlife filmmaking, River Road Films, is looking for experienced Canadian (or dual Canadian/British, Canadian/American) talent for an upcoming five-part natural history series based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

This will be a follow-up to the highly acclaimed Wild Canada series. See:www.cbc.ca/wildcanada

Production will begin in spring 2015. Project duration 24 months.

Please send a cover letter CV (and a link to your Wildlife-film.com Profile Page, if you are a member!) to Jeff Turner at skyfilms@xplornet.com

Closing date for Researcher positions: January 21st

Closing date for Producer, AP and Production Manager positions: January 30th

For more Wildlife Filmmaking information, please click here


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