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Africa Media Interns going places

Oceans Campus is committed to the development and mentoring of a new generation of wildlife professionals and experts. Today, we are beginning to see our investment into the future pay off. Many Oceans Campus alumni are moving into the professional ranks of marine and terrestrial wildlife industries, making their contribution to the conservation of the […]

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Canadian Wildlife Filmmaking Company seeks Talent

Canadian Production Company, River Road Films, seeks Producers, an AP, Researchers, a PM and an Exec Producer. Experienced Canadian (or dual Canadian/British, American/British) talent needed: two Researchers, one Assistant Producer, two Producers, one Executive Producer and one Production Manager. Award Winning Vancouver-based Canadian production company, specialising in wildlife filmmaking,...

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Africa Media’s principal photographer, Fiona Ayerst’s image chosen in the Top 50 of the Save Our Seabirds international photo competition- “Oceans of Life”

Our own multi- award winning photographer, Fiona Ayerst , has had one of her images nominated for an award in this prestigious competition, October 2012. Check out the line up of 50 finalists.  Fiona’s image of a pygmy seahorse was captured in Sulawesi,Indonesia on a night dive in the Lembeh straits. This seahorse is only the size […]

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