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Thank you for your interest in joining us on one or more of our media programs. We hope that you will be able to make the trip to join us in this amazing continent, Africa. To book, simply complete the below form. This will ensure that we have all the information necessary to complete your booking.

Terms and Conditions


Dear prospective intern, student. To enable easy communication, we have chosen to write these terms and conditions in everyday language with a focus of letting you quickly understand the nature of the agreement between yourself and Africa Media should you participate in one or more of our programs. Please understand that when arriving at Africa Media, you will be expected to sign two documents that will be written in a formal legal style, but will in essence be similar to what is presented here in the below terms & conditions. Should you wish to view these documents in full, please email:


  • Document 1. The first document will be the terms and conditions of your participation on the programs(s). We have outlined the major T&C points below.
  • Document 2. The second document will be an indemnity form that will protect Africa Media and its partners from legal recourse if anything happens to you or your personal belongings whilst participating on an Africa Media program.


I understand that once I have paid the 750USD deposit in order to hold my place in the program, this amount is non-refundable. My deposit is transferrable within 6 months of my original booking should I decide to modify my trip dates. Full payment of the program is due 30 days prior to my arrival in South Africa. I am responsible for the full balance of any and all programs for which I have registered to participate. Once in South Africa, there are no refunds for early departures from the program.
I understand Africa Media will instruct me on the appropriate visa application process, but that it is still my responsibility to verify all the information with my embassy. To begin, there are two options for visa applications. If staying in South Africa for less than 90 days, Africa Media is responsible for applying for a Section 11 (2) endorsement letter for my stay. I am responsible for providing Africa Media, at least one month prior to my departure, with a copy of my passport and full flight itinerary in order to apply for the endorsement letter.
If my period in South Africa/Mozambique, and/or additional travel extends more than 90 days, it is my responsibility to apply for a volunteer visa through the South African Consulate in my area. Any issues with entering and or exiting South Africa due to my negligence, is my own responsibility and not the responsibility of Africa Media
I will have health and accident insurance in force which is valid in South Africa and will be valid for the duration of my trip. Therefore, any medical condition, loss of assets, etc arising during the program(s) will be paid for by my own insurance policy. I affirm that Africa Media and its partners will not be liable for any medical payments on my behalf. Any and all other non-liability action or claim must be filed and pursued only in South Africa under the laws in state. Please note, Africa Media strongly recommends travel insurance for the duration of your stay abroad.
I am aware and fully understand that field work at sea or on land, scuba diving, cage diving, wildlife interactions and boat activities are potentially hazardous and dangerous activities, and I am voluntarily participating in these activities with full knowledge of the danger involved and hereby agree and accept any and all risks, including injury and death. I further understand that the working / sea conditions can be uncomfortable and rough at times.
I hereby certify that I have followed a diving course organized by a recognized international diving association (PADI, CMAS, SSI, etc), and succeeded and achieved both practical and theoretical exams at least for the first scuba diving level (PADI Open Water, CMAS One Star, etc.).
I understand that any activity undertaken on my own, whether a night out, a one-day or multiple-day trip, will be at my own risk and responsibility. I understand that for that time, I will temporarily not be part of my respective program and I will inform Africa Media staff members of my whereabouts and will provide them with the information of a contact person.
I agree to hold Africa Media and all business partners involved in offering services including (a) accommodation, (b) meals, (c) training services, (d) transport, (e) excursions harmless against all losses/ damages which I may suffer or any damage/ theft to any property in which I may have a legal interest in. Such indemnity exists for the entire duration of my participation on an Africa Media program.
I hereby give AFRICA MEDIA full consent to apply immediate emergency treatment or assistance should I be injured or fall sick at anytime during program.
I accept I will not receive remuneration of any kind from Africa Media or its clients during the program period.
I agree to allow Africa Media and partners to make use of any media that I am featured in for any purpose whatsoever. I will make no claim for financial or other compensation for appearance in such media.
I accept their will be a number of expectations on me concerning behaviour when living at Africa Media or our accommodation providers – Oceans Campus, Blue Wilderness, Guinjata Dive Resort. These will cover aspects of (A) treatment of facilities, (b) treatment of other student’s guests and staff, (c) conditions for outside visitors, (d) safety and security, (e) sexual activity, (f) drug and alcohol policy, (g) and my behaviour as a representative of Africa Media. I accept that these conditions are in place and accept these in there entirety. I accept that failure to abide by the set out conditions may result in my termination from the program following a disciplinary hearing.
I accept that Africa Media has a strict no illegal drugs policy and will that Africa Media will take legal action against any student who ignores this policy.
I accept that during weeknights (or nights when work is required the following day), I must be back on Africa Media no later than 10:30pm. Should I choose to stay out past curfew, I will be deemed unfit for work in the morning, and thus removed from my morning activity if it is considered that I will negatively impact on other students program enjoyment.
I accept that safety is always a concern, and I agree to travel in a group size of at minimum of two when outside of Africa Media. I accept I will not invite strangers onto accommodation premises and will report any strange persons to staff.
I accept that it is inappropriate and forbidden to fraternise with any Africa Media staff or partner business staff (including field specialists) for the duration of my participation on the program.
I accept that any negligence caused loss or damage to Africa Media (or partners) utilities, furniture, equipment used during the program, will be at my cost. I will be jointly responsible (with roommates) for any loss or damages that occur in my room if no one accepts individual responsibility. In such case, the costs of any damages or missing items (including room keys) will be divided equally among roommates.
I accept that except for media that is specifically contracted by a third party client, all media made by myself will be my exclusive property. However, Africa Media retains the right to freely use, reproduce, modify, edit and sell such media without consultation for any purpose whatsoever, and without any financial compensation.
I accept that video, journalism, photographic ideas and subjects are produced through collaboration between Africa Media and me. Thus both Africa Media and myself are entitled to propose ideas to third parties without permission required from each other. Neither party will make claim against the other pertaining to the idea of a specific media project.
If I participate in producing media for a third partly client, then I accept that all media is exclusively owned by Africa Media and the client. Such media can only be used by myself for personal marketing and in accordance with any contractual obligations with the third party (e.g. a time period of confidentiality)
Participants must be at least 18 years of age when they attend their programs.
I recognise that during the course of my work with Africa Media and its partners I may have occasion to conceive, create, develop, review, or receive information which is considered by any of the related companies to be confidential or proprietary, including, know-how, specifications, photos, presentations, annexure’s, hand-outs, print-outs, cost data, customer and supplier lists, bills, ideas, both during the term of the agreement and thereafter. I agree to maintain in total confidence such confidential information unless given written permission by Africa Media or partners.

I accept that Africa Media and its partners shall have the absolute right to terminate this Agreement at no notice to myself should I fail to adhere to the terms of the contracts (terms and conditions form) I will sign on arrival at Africa Media.

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