Mentors – Educational Inquiry

Start planning your free educational

Africa Media is committed to building the next generation of wildlife and environmental media specialists. In this regard, we place significant value on building partnerships with university placed academics, to achieve mutual goals in student development. As part of building such relationships, we can readily sponsor student mentors a free educational to visit Africa Media and experience first hand our training facilities, logistics and opportunities here in Southern Africa.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Mentors must be employed at an accredited university, college, school and specialise in the fields of (a) natural sciences, (b) media & communications or (c) environmental management.
  2. Mentors must conduct a student courses for a student body who would potentially be interested in participating in a custom built program facilitated by Africa Media – either as part of their curriculum or as an optional add-on. 
  3. You must agree to cover airfares to and from South Africa for the educational. 
  4.  Mentors must participate in educational’s between June and October only. 
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