Student films


*WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT* This beautiful short film, by Africa Media Filmmaking intern Kate, follows the lions of Schotia Game Reserve and the realities of predator and prey in the African bush. {{ vc_btn:title=Join+our+Wildlife+Filmmaking+Internship&color=warning&size=lg&align=center&button_block=true& }}

Africa: More than the big five

Wildlife Filmmaking intern Michael Frazier travels to South Africa for the first time, in search of the fabled 'Big Five' of Africa. However, his journey reveals that the Big Five doesn't necessarily showcase all that this diverse continent has to offer, and he has the opportunity to see many other incredible animals.

I am Schotia

Africa Media intern Kaelyn portrays the affect of the drought from a unique angle - the reserve Schotia itself. With beautiful cinematography, this film shows the beauty and destruction that can be found across this beautiful landscape

Secrets of the Savannah

Aspiring zoologist and wildlife filmmaker, and Africa Media film intern Ryan Eddowes sets off to uncover some of the more secret behaviours of Africa's wildlife, using some quirky gadgets.

The Beauty of Chaos

Taking you on a visual journey of the beauty that can be found amongst the chaos of our world, Africa Media intern Erick explores the impact humans have on the environment from the perspective of Mother Nature herself.

Within and without

Africa isn't only just a place to see lions, elephants, rhinos, and other incredible wildlife; it is also an amazing place for reflection and self discovery. Africa Media intern Chris shows this beautifully as he reflects upon his father while exploring South Africa.

The Hunt

Africa Media intern Annie returns to Africa after 6 years, with the mission to catch a lion hunt on film. However, things don't always go as smoothly as one would like...

The Karoo

Wildlife Documentary by Piers Thurston. The Karoo, a semi-desert region in South Africa, has been home to many things. Africa media intern Piers portrays all of these from the perspective of the Karoo herself.

The Reserve

Africa Media intern and cinematographer, Dan Gahnstrom, creates a remarkable showpiece of Schotia game Reserve.

Rhino Wars

Wildlife film making student Anne Goddard’s cinéma vérité styled documentary ‘Rhino Wars’ follows the critical story of Rhino poaching on the African continent. Enjoy.  

Moketsi’s Redemption

AFRICA MEDIA film intern JEFFERY A LOOS presents his documentary titled MOKETSI’S REDEMPTION. Jeff produced an impressive short film on about a rogue African elephant named Moketsi, who attacked and seriously maimed his trainer. This film follows his inspirational redemption through the hands of Sias van Rooyen, a man who refuses to give up on the condemned Moketsi. Enjoy.

Cheetah House

Wildlife Film making Intern, Imogen Richards explores a unique relationship between cheetahs and a remarkable family in Cheetah house. Forced out of the wild, Hein & Kim Schoeman bring fullness to their tame cheetahs lives by teaching them to hunt like their wild brothers.