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Bring your students on an experiential learning expedition of a life time. At Africa Media we host university and college students groups for training programs in wildlife and environmental media. As a student mentor, this offers an incredible opportunity for you to enrich your course for your students, whilst allowing you to freely join them as they explore and learn in the wild beauty of Africa

Experiential training in

Wildlife Photography

Environmental Journalism

Underwater Photography

Wildlife Filmmaking

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Student portfolios

Our interns produce documentaries, wildlife / underwater photographic portfolios and journal articles. Please click to see some of our students past work

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FAQ's answered

Everything you need to know about putting together a mentor led student expedition with Africa Media

FAQ’s answered

Expedition cost

Please note, the expedition prices quote exclude international airfares, but includes internal travel, tutoring, meals, accommodation, equipment, game reserve costs. There is no cost for student mentors apart from international travel.

  • 1N – 6N    : 150 USD / Night / Student
  • 7N – 20N : 120 USD / Night / Student
  • >20N        :  80 USD / Night / Student

Expedition dates

These expeditions are can run for any duration that a mentor requests, but we suggest a minimum of 6 nights. Dates, we can arrange these programs on any date from 1st January to the 30th of May annually. 

Expedition syllabus

The syllabus is customisable, and we are happy to work with you to ensure it is satisfactory to your course. We feel that the syllabus best provide environmental journalism, wildlife photography and wildlife videography aspects. If students would like to partake in underwater photography, then they are required to have SCUBA certification and their could be additional travel expenses as the underwater photography can take place in Mozambique or Durban. In Africa the daily work would focus on tutored practical training and experience. The content collected would then be taken back to the home university for post production under the mentors supervision.

Student testimonials

Many of our students have taken the time to write about their experiences with Africa Media. You can view these here: VIEW TESTIMONIALS


Everything you need to know about putting together an experiential training expedition for you and your students. 


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